Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advent - day 1 (and Working Mommy Wednesday)

Prompt: Write about whatever you want!

Today, I'm following Wycliffe Bible Translator's Pray Today blog. Wycliffe is an organization dedicated to translating the Bible into every language in the world. There are over 6900 languages spoken in the world today. Almost 2100 of them do not have any scripture. Actually, only 457 languages have the complete Bible translated cover to cover. See more statistics here.

I was a member of Wycliffe for 3 years. I love what they do, I love what they stand for, and I love praying for them. Their daily prayer blog is here:

P.S. If you're joining me from WMW, the explanation for my advent posts is here.

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  1. wycliffe is an excellent org!!! thanks for sharing!!! :)