Saturday, December 4, 2010

responsible procrastination

I've begun to realize that, as an unemployed mom, I've kind of taken on a different persona than I had as an employed one. My new persona is kind of lazy.

When I was working, I didn't procrastinate. I couldn't afford to. If I didn't do something right away, or in the time I'd allotted to it, it wouldn't get done. I couldn't put it off until later because later, there would be no time to do it. Being home all the time, I do actually have time to get things done later. The problem is that I'm not very disciplined in my procrastination. I say I'll do something later, then I never get around to doing it.

When I was working, I had time scheduled to exercise, to read a book, to read blogs, etc. Being home, I just assume that I'll eventually do one of those things when I feel like it. Nate works his hardest to make sure that I don't get to do those things. When I was newly unemployed, we were still getting up pretty early in the mornings, and we would take long walks to get some exercise. We haven't done that in a long, long time. Also, we sleep much later these days. Even Nate sleeps later.

I used to plan our menu for a week at a time, use that to buy groceries, and cook 3 times each week. I don't know how often I cook now. I cook when we have no leftovers left. I don't always know what I'm going to cook when I buy groceries. Our menu for next week is thus: something with chicken, leftovers of chicken, something with beef, leftovers of beef, thaw some chicken tortilla soup on a cold day, maybe pizza. Nice, eh?

At least I am keeping up with our chores calendar/schedule. I definitely feel like I'm being lazy, though. One thing that will help me to feel like I'm not lazy will be to initiate a "get up" time, rather than sleeping as late as Nate will let me. I'm ok with having a looser schedule since I have nowhere to be most days of the week. However, I will feel more productive, and probably be more productive, if I have some kind of daily schedule.

Also, when I say I'll do something later, I will actually have an intended time when I will do this thing. I'll call it responsible procrastionation.


  1. So how about waking up at six in the morning and be at the park right after seven thirty? Walk three miles then come home sounds good? Cause I am sure Nate wakes up early every day and stays on bed just waiting for us to get him.

  2. Well, baby, six sounds a bit early. :P How about seven?