Thursday, December 9, 2010

working mommy wednesday

Prompt 2. Top Ten things about the Christmas season (that you love, don't love, etc.)

I really, really love Christmas, so my list will be things that I love!

1. Christmas lights. I love driving through the neighborhoods after dark and looking at all the lights. Lights are pretty.

2. Christmas tree ornaments. I love clear blown glass ones. I love milk glass ones. I love commemorative ornaments. I love souvenir ornaments. I love ornaments that we used to put on our Christmas tree when I was a kid.

3. Baking. I rarely bake sweets. I love cookies, but I don't bake them to just keep at home and eat. I do bake them for Christmas (and Thanksgiving).

4. Advent calendars. 

5. Visiting family. 

6. Stocking stuffers (receiving). They are tiny, inexpensive bits of joy. 

7. Christmas music!!! I start playing it way before Thanksgiving, and sometimes in the middle of the year, too.  No music is as full of hope as Christmas music. 

8. Christmas cards. I string up ribbon across doorways, windows, walls, whatever, and we hang our Christmas cards as we receive them. I usually leave them up long after the tree and other decorations are taken down. Actually, if it's a picture Christmas card, I will probably leave it up on the fridge until I receive a new one the following year. Also, I love sending Christmas cards.

9. Giving gifts. I've spent many Christmases pretty close to broke, but I still gave Christmas gifts because it's such a joy to give, even if I had to set a $5 limit per person. The lower the dollar limit, the more creativity involved in the shopping. 

10. Most of all, I love that Christmas exists. I love the celebration and renewed focus on Jesus coming to earth to die for us, while we were still sinners. I love that his sacrifice, which we focus on at Easter, is enough to pay for my sins, that I may know God, have a relationship with him, and be with him forever. This is why Christmas music is filled with hope. And this is why I celebrate and love Christmas.


  1. And to think you love all that stuff even though your father is a Scrooge. You go girl.

  2. It's my rebellious nature.