Sunday, December 19, 2010

advent - day 19

Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Rodgers and I had a chance to sit down and talk with the Africa Inland Mission recruiting representative for this region of the US a year or so ago. Since Rodgers had been granted a green card, and could be employed and sent by an American missions organization, this rep was encouraging us to join AIM. He told us that AIM's focus is on working with local churches across Africa. When AIM starts something new, it's because a church in African has asked them to start something. I thought this approach was very unique. Rather than assessing the need from their own western mindset, they work with local churches and let the churches tell them where the major needs are in their areas. We eventually decided that AIM wasn't right for us,* but we still love their work.

There are a couple of resources for praying for AIM. One, they have a ministry called Pray Africa, which has new posts every day. Two, there is a "Fuel for Prayer" (I love that phrase) section on the AIM website, with a short paragraph posted each day.

*No hard feelings. We really want to work in Kenya, but AIM doesn't send Kenyans to be missionaries in Kenya. He would send us anywhere other than the countries we were born in. Also, our desire is to start, run, or otherwise work with an orphanage/home for street kids, but AIM relies on local churches to dictate what ministry opportunities they will pursue, and churches rarely request ministry to street kids.

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  1. During our 5 years in Kenya, I didn't run across the "send(ing) us anywhere other than the countries we were born in."

    That's kind of bizarre.

    Anyway, God is doing good things through AIM, and He will (and is) do(ing) good things through you & Rodgers.