Wednesday, December 15, 2010

advent - day 15

Today I'm praying the daily posting of the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project. This is an effort of Wycliffe (I know we keep coming back to that one; did I mention they are my favorite?). Prayer partners of BPPP are given a specific Bibleless people group to pray for. They receive prayer requests for that people group as well as an annual update. This not only infuses Bibleless people groups and translation progress with prayer, but also gives partners a stake and a vested interest in Bible translation. It is not unusual for BPPP prayer partners to eventually join Wycliffe. On the BPPP website, they also share a prayer request for a different people group every day. Go here to find out what people group we're praying for today:

*Note: I still have 1 slot left to fill, if you have a group/agency/organization you'd like for us to pray for, let me know!*

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