Friday, February 27, 2009

party weekend

Our big pre-wedding party is in just a couple of days. We're really looking forward to it and hoping that lots of people show up. After that, there is only ONE MORE weekend before the big day!! So far, we don't have any plans for that weekend. I think that's good. Something might come up, and if it doesn't, we can just chillax for a couple of days. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

cocktail napkins

We FINALLY got our cocktail napkins today! I ordered them January 20; they finished processing the order (charged my bank account) on January 29, and finally they arrived today. They have a "track your order" on their website, which still says that the order is "in processing." Frustrating. But, it's over now, we have our napkins, and they are wonderful!

They say "Eat, Drink, and be Married," with our name and wedding date underneath. They are much darker red than in the picture, but the camera flash washed out the color. The imprint is gold foil.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a success, but not as planned

It started raining during our picnic, and the wind chill was too chilly for Rodgers and I, but we had fun on our V-Day picnic anyway. I've put pictures of it in my Picasa Web album called "Stillhouse" starting here. There are also some pictures from Christmas at Belton Dam (the other dam park) starting here.

Friday the 13th was pretty great. I love a good slasher movie. After the picnic, as we were drinking hot drinks and warming up, Rodgers said we should watch a romantic movie (which I really have none of), so we found one on Netflix "Watch Instantly." We wanted to do nothing and be lazy. So, as I am attempting to educate Rodgers on horror movies, we also watched the 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street (which is the only one available for watching instantly. I had not seen it before, but the consensus on Netflix reviews is that it is the worst of the Elm Street series.) and the original Dracula (which we both fell asleep during - not because it was boring but because it was naptime - but that was Sunday not V-Day).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day again

I just read my post from last V-Day. This year is much different!

Last year, at V-Day, we set a new record for "consecutive days together," which was 4. We broke that record in June, with 13 days, when I went to Kenya to visit Rodgers.

When I first moved to Temple, after I started working, we weren't breaking that record. Rodgers had a Monday night class, so we would see each other 6 days a week, which was amazing and wonderful, but I'm into breaking records. I think (though I haven't really kept accurate count) that our new record is 52 days! Unbelievable!

We don't have big plans for V-Day, but we do have small ones. Too bad it's about 10 degrees cooler than it was supposed to be today. I really, really wanted to see the new Friday the 13th last night, since it was Friday the 13th. It made sense to me. But, our Sunday School class decided that it was the best time to have a social. It was fun, and worth putting off the movie. I still want to see it, and it is the kind of movie that I used to always watch on V-Days pre-Rodgers. So, I think we'll go this afternoon. Then, we're getting a bucket o' chicken from KFC and going to our favorite spot at Stillhouse Hollow Dam, which we call the Dam Park. I was hoping for a high of 70, but it will be more like 55. Good weather for cuddling...

card box

And one more thing.

I was at Card & Party Factory today, looking to see if they have an aisle runner that's better than the one I found at WalMart. They do have one of similar material, that's a couple of dollars cheaper, but it's also 70 feet shorter. WalMart it is then!

Anyway, I saw a card box there - you know, a big box with a slit in the top for people to drop cards in. It makes it easier to collect and transport them. I thought, We should have a card box to put on the gift table. I almost bought it. Then, I saw this table cloth ("cloth" - actually it's paper) that was African animal print. I realized then that I really wanted an animal print card box. Then I remembered that we had gotten a wedding gift in a box that had a slit in the top for a handle. The only conclusion was to buy that table cloth and cover my big, already slitted box with it. I did have to cut another slit in it because the first one isn't as long as most cards. But, it's great! All I need now is some clear contact paper.

4 weeks and 1 day

Four weeks from this very minute, we will be at our wedding rehearsal. That means that in 4 weeks and 1 day from this very minute, we will be on our way to our HONEYMOON, after just leaving the wedding reception!! Does it get more exciting?? Oh, yes, I'm sure it will. As far as wedding plans go, there's not much left to do but sit back and wait. And while waiting, continue working 40 hours a week, sleeping 56 hours a week, and hanging out together the rest of the time.

This week, I got my dress back from the alterationist. It was more expensive than I had hoped. But, considering that I got the dress on ebay for $35, I guess I can't really complain too much. It's still worth more than I've paid for it so far. And now it fits me perfectly! She also made a bustle for it, so that, during the reception, I don't have to trip over the train.

We met with Mom and Dad this week, to discuss the ceremony. We told Dad some of the verses we want to have included. We decided (maybe I decided and Rodgers just went along with it...) that we would simply say "I do" or "I will" rather than repeating or reciting the vows. Much simpler that way.

I was thinking about the music today. I chose a passage from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis to be read after we light the unity candle. I had chosen an instrumental song to be played behind the reading. Turns out that the reading, when I read it aloud myself, is twice as long as the music. And...I don't have any other songs that are long enough that I like as much as the one I had chosen. I think we may just play 2 short songs behind it. And that will be fine.

The other thing about songs is something quite significant. For the past 5 or so years, I've been dead set on having At Last, by Etta James, played as my husband and I walk back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony. There's a commercial on lately, I think for a cruise line, that plays One Love, by Bob Marley. It's such a fun song that it's got me thinking...maybe I want to have that one played as we walk out. We could play At Last at the beginning, while the mothers are being seated and lighting their candles. Then it would still be in the wedding, as has been my dream.

(At Last - Etta James - I'm not sure the video there is appropriate, but it's the only one of the recording that I can find...I don't like the live versions much)

(One Love - Bob Marley)

So basically, all that's left to do before the rehearsal is to pay for the cake! And buy an aisle runner. And decide how people are going to throw birdseed at us. But that's it!

For all those in the Dallas area, we're having a come & go pre-wedding party in Arlington on the 28th. You should all get invitations next week. If you don't, let me know, and if you are someone that we know (as opposed to a random blog reader) I'll make sure you get invited. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

beer commercials

While watching the Superbowl, I am reminded of my very favorite beer commercial. I heard it on the radio ONCE. Such a shame. But I never forgot it. And these days, people have posted the audio from the commercial on youtube, with pictures they assembled to go along with it. it is. My favorite beer commercial.