Wednesday, December 8, 2010

advent - day 8

One reader suggested we pray for Mission to Amish People. I had not heard of this ministry before, so I spent a little time on their website. The ministry is run by a couple who were Amish and faced excommunication as a result of receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. Here is an excerpt from their bio on the website:
Shortly after they both got saved, Joe and Esther were married in the Amish church, and at that point, had full intentions of raising their family within the Amish system. However, they soon realized that if they wanted to believe that salvation was by faith alone, grace alone and Christ alone, they would either have to be quiet about it and not tell anyone, or be excommunicated and shunned by our own family members and the church.
In 1987, nine months into their marriage, Joe and Esther made one of the hardest decisions they would ever make and that was to leave their family, friends, and Amish way of life forever. Today, they have two wonderful children named Jonathan and Rachel who are serving the Lord in various ministries at their home church.
Now, they minister to those who are leaving the Amish system, helping them to integrate into society, as well as discipling new brothers and sisters in Christ, and even sending out missionaries. MAP has a goal of raising up 1,000 pray warriors for their ministry. I hope you will consider joining the team. Check out the various aspects of their ministry here:

I contacted Joe to give us a few prayer requests. These are the top three things on his list:
  1. We lost our biggest donor because of economic conditions. Meeting the financial needs, seems impossible, however, we know the Lord is very capable.
  2. Spiritual protection around our ministry and staff families
  3. For an awakening to come to the Amish people, who are very religious but fail to understand the free gift of salvation.
MAP Homepage

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