Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow day

While I was up early this morning with Nate, I heard sleet hitting the windows. Around 8ish, I realized that there was no more sleet sound. I opened the blinds and saw snow falling! Rodgers got up a few minutes later, groggy, and I told him to look outside. He was kind of like a child. Suddenly, he was dressed (over his pjs) and outside, playing in the snow, which was only barely starting to accumulate. What we learn in TX is: snow rarely accumulates, so play in it while you can! This is now the most snow I've ever seen accumulated here, and it's the longest I've ever seen it snow. It's 3 pm and still coming down in big clusters.

The schools closed early, so Rodgers didn't have to go to work. He stayed home with Nate and me, and played in the snow.

We have a warm pram for Nate to wear in the cold, but his face was still cold when we took him out in the snow. He didn't stay out very long. But he got to play with Dad inside, too:

The snowman Rodgers built early, using snow that was on our cars because that's the only place it was sticking at first:

Taking Nate out in the snow, after some had accumulated (he also went out early when it was just on the cars):

Monday, February 15, 2010

one month

Nathanael is one month old today! It's amazing that so much time has already passed. He's grown and changed a lot already.

Here he is on his birthday and 1 month later.

He's becoming so much more expressive and deciding what he likes and doesn't like. He's beginning to not like having a wet diaper. And he has decided that he likes to save up all his poop and do it once a day, rather than letting it go several times a day. He's also establishing his schedule of when he wants to sleep more and when he wants to eat more. Roughly, between about 6 am and noon and again between 6 pm and midnight, he's usually awake, with very short naps, and he wants to eat frequently. Then the other 12 hours of the day, he will take nice long naps and wake up to eat just enough to put him back to sleep.

We took him to church for the first time yesterday. He slept the whole time, which was good, but I was surprised, as it wasn't his normal sleeping time. We did leave him in the carseat/carrier, though, and he was super cozy. I don't think he could have stayed awake if he'd tried.

As for me, I'm doing so much better. I am still healing and no where near back to normal, but I've come a long way from where I was a month ago. (And definitely better than I was a month ago this minute because at that time, I was getting more stitches than anyone bothered to count.) Rodgers has given me a few chances to get out. He'll stay home with Nate while I run to the store to pick up a few things. I can make it through a small shopping trip without wearing myself out. But, church yesterday did wear me out.

I'm going to have to go on a bit more major shopping trip next weekend, as no pants that I owned previously fit me now. I'll need to get some to wear to work. Before pregnancy, I was a size 2. Now, I'm about a 6. So even my too big pre-pregnancy pants are too small for me now. I'm hoping to get back into them eventually, but I have a big stack of clothes that I doubt I'll ever be able to wear again.

Check me out. I've lost 31 of 43 pounds. And I'm quite proud.

Monday, February 8, 2010

nate smiles

First things first, the previous link to my Nathanael photo album no longer works because I changed the name of the album. This is the correct link. Update your bookmarks.

Previously, I've mentioned Nate smiling at me, as opposed to just smiling spontaneously in his sleep. I had my camera out this morning when he was in a happy mood. I was just trying to get some funny face pictures, but then, he started smiling. His smiles are too fast for my camera though, I missed a lot of them. But Rodgers sat with me next to Nate's bouncy chair, and we both cooed and made interesting noises at Nate so that he would smile more. The result:

The end of a smile. Not what I was hoping to get a picture of, but freaking cute!

The best one. I love it!!

We've been getting our final statements from the insurance company for our hospital bills. I am amazed at how much it costs! I pulled out all the statements from the original pregnancy test until now, and added them up. Our insurance company covers "100%" of maternity bills, up to baby's 2 month Dr visit. They didn't cover all my labwork, which was done because I was pregnant; neither did they pay for the ER visit, which happened because of the meds I was on for morning sickness, thus also being pregnancy related. But whatever. The total amount the hospital billed for the whole pregnancy was nearly $16,000. We paid less than $400 for the ER and some labs. (Of course, the insurance has their discount, so they only paid $8500, and the rest was just not covered.) A-mazing. I can't imagine having a baby without insurance.

Friday, February 5, 2010

brief movie review

This week from Netflix - Land of the Lost

It was exceedingly ridiculous, as expected, but I can't stop giggling about this line:

It's a doughnut filled with M&Ms. So you don't have to eat any M&Ms after you eat your doughnut.
(Will Ferrell as Dr Rick Marshall)