Tuesday, December 14, 2010

advent - day 14

Bible Translation and Literacy Kenya combines two of my loves: Bible translation and Kenya! BTL partners with other translation organizations, such as Wycliffe and The Seed Company. Their first goal is Bible translation, but they also publish educational booklets, especially booklets about health. The literacy side is as important as the translation side. What good is it to have the Bible in your own language if you can't read? My own mother-in-law grew up in an era when girls didn't go to school. She is illiterate.
Currently, BTL is working with fourteen language groups: Aweer (Boni), Borana, Daasanach, Digo, Ilchamus, Ilwana (Malakote), Giryama, Marakwet (Endo), Orma, Pokomo, Sabaot, Samburu, Suba and Tharaka.
BTL doesn't have a prayer page on their website, so I suggest we pray for one or more of their projects. I have chosen Giryama, as that is Rodgers' native language. BTL published a Giryama New Testament in 2004. According to the map on their website, they have ongoing work on the Old Testament. They have completed and published the book of Genesis and the stories of Elijah and Elisha. Here is the Giryama page. You'll see the other languages listed to the left.

I pray that Giryama people will have a burning desire for God's Word. I pray that they will be able to get their hands on that which is already translated, and that it will come alive for them. I pray that God will use the portions of scripture in Giryama to draw people to Christ and to call ministers. I also pray that literacy classes will be available for those who can't read, and that they will take advantage of them.

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