Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, seems like everyone else has already posted a post-Thanksgiving post. I will, too, but only so I can share some of my favorite pics from Thanksgiving.

We left home early Wednesday morning, spent the afternoon with Dad, then had dinner with him and mom when she got off work. Everyone else arrived later that night. Then we spent all day Thursday together - what a great day! Rodgers suggested it would be best for us to leave after Nate's bedtime Thursday, rather than waiting to come home Friday morning, since he had to work Friday afternoon. I didn't like it, but he was right. We did get home Friday morning after all, technically, just very, very early. Fortunately, Nate slept most of the way (he decided to wake up and scream for the final 5 miles), and there wasn't really much traffic. Doubly wonderful was that we all slept till nearly 9 Friday morning. That felt REALLY good! For some reason, 8 hours of sleep when I wake up naturally at almost 9 is so much better and more restful to me than 8 hours of sleep when I have to wake up at 6.

Anyway, the pics!

Gigi (that's my mom's grandparent name) made some adjustable waist shorts. What a novel idea! Nate does have a baby belly, but his shorts typically sit below his belly, and his waist is quite small. Usually, pants and shorts that are the right length are too big in the waist and won't stay up. Bonus: the buttons that adjust the waist are adorable!
He was not in much of an eating mood. I think there was too much exciting stuff going on for him to care about food. But, he did love some turkey, dressing, and green bean casserole!
My niece is just too grown up. She must be standing on the ice chest in this pic. I'm sure she's not that tall. By the way, the Perfect Turtle Cheesecake was extremely delicious.
And this little dude is walking everywhere! (he has his own blog: http://the3walls.blogspot.com/)  
I love group pics. Also, a perfect pic of Nate's love for Monkey. This was after the three cousins took a bath together. There are some cute pictures from that, but I'm not trying to put naked baby pics on my blog...though I have before...


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  2. Very fun! It's fun to see the all the Atkinson clan with their offspring. Our kids usually wake up at least 10 minutes from home screaming. Nate looked like he had fun with the fam :D