Tuesday, October 27, 2009

watch your weight!

My OB is a weight nazi.
At my 22 week appointment, I had gained 10 lbs in 5 weeks. That is a bit more than "recommended," but not an outrageous amount, in my opinion. Dr told me that I really shouldn't be gaining so fast, so we need to try to slow that down. Well, I eat healthy, but hadn't been getting any exercise at all. So maybe there were some things I could do to slow that down.
At my 27 week appointment, I had gained 7 lbs more. Still a little over the recommended gain, and the Dr reiterated that I should not be gaining so much so fast. I calculated that, were I to keep gaining at that rate, I'd gain a total of 45 lbs, rather than the 30-40 lbs recommended for my starting BMI. That's only 5 lbs more. What's 5 lbs? Anyway, the Dr told me she wanted me to gain a half pound per week from here on out. Yeah right! I had started getting a little exercise, and decided to just continue eating and exercising as I was.
So, today, at my 30 week appointment, the Dr was out of town, so I saw the nurse practitioner/midwife. It had only been 3 weeks, so I should have gained 1.5 lbs, according to the Dr. I gained 4.0. The NP/MW didn't have a problem with it, even though it says "Watch her weight" in my chart. She just asked if I'd gained weight, checked the sticker I got from the weight/blood pressure station and said, "Good!"
Four lbs in 3 weeks is about the same rate as 7 lbs in 5 weeks (1.33 lbs per week versus 1.4). So I'm gaining at the same rate. Dr says it's too much, NP/MW says it's good. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Dr is a weight nazi.
The fun part is that she gave me instructions to do fetal movement counts. During a 2 hour period every day (any 2 hour period that Nate's active) I should be able to count 10 movements. I counted 20+ movements as I was sitting at a red light on my way to work after the appointment. That was easy. :)
And, I now have my 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40 week appointments scheduled. Scheduling that 40 week appointment was a bit scary. It's on the calendar now. It's really coming!

Monday, October 26, 2009

central air overkill

When it's warm to hot outside (70 and above), I have to bring sweaters and jackets with me to work and have a little heater on beside my desk. When it's "cold" outside (anything under 70), it's so hot in the office, I should be wearing tank tops and mini skirts. The idea of central air is to keep the building one comfortable temperature throughout the year, not just to make inside the opposite of whatever it is outside. Wish I had control of the thermostat. [Cut to me, pouting and sweating, with my sleeves and pant legs rolled up, my hair in a haphazard ponytail, and my shoes kicked off because the heat makes my feet swell, and they don't fit me right now.]

Friday, October 23, 2009

diaper cake

So I've been to some baby showers that had diaper cakes. They were generally made by the hostess. I just saw an ad on craigslist to buy one. They didn't have any pictures of examples. I started thinking that maybe what I think of as a diaper cake isn't right because why would someone buy that? I googled it, just to be sure. Turns out, diaper cakes are exactly what I thought they are. I still don't see why someone would buy one rather than making it. But, this one is freaking cute!

Friday, October 16, 2009


We order from Papa John's about once a month. Since I order online, they email me coupons every week. When we get a large 3-topping for $10.99 (or large 7-topping, with a 2-liter drink for $11.99) coupon, that means it's Pizza/Movie Night at the Kahindi house. And we have Netflix, so there are always movies to watch.
Usually, we order the pizza, then start the movie so that we don't notice having to wait for the food. Mostly, it's so I don't notice because as soon as I see the Papa John's website, my stomach starts growling. I get into the movie, and the next thing I know, it's pizza time!
Two weeks ago, we were so into the movie we were watching that we didn't notice our pizza was late. They don't have one of those "under 30 minutes or it's free" policies, anyway, so I never pay much attention to how long it takes. If we had noticed, all that we could have done would be to get annoyed. The next afternoon, I had a voicemail from Papa John's (not Papa himself, though, it was a woman), apologizing for our pizza being late. I thought that was very nice of them, but that was the first I knew our pizza was late. Then, on Wednesday this week, we got a coupon in the mailbox for a FREE pizza. Not one of those "buy one XL 7-topping pizza, get a medium cheese pizza free" ones either. It's a free large 2-topping, without having to make an actual purchase.
Papa John's values the Kahindis. Pizza/Movie Night will come twice in October. Woohoo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

* How far along: 27 weeks
* Total weight gain: 24 lbs
* How big is baby: 2 lbs, 14.5" long
* Maternity clothes: With the cooler weather, I've been pulling out my warm maternity clothes. It's like when I first started wearing maternity clothes - new clothes every day!
* Stretch marks: Just on the inside of my thighs still. None on the belly yet.
* Sleep: More and more difficult. I sleep on my side hugging a body pillow. I have to wake up several times during the night to change position, take the covers off because I'm too hot, put the covers back on because now I'm cold, go pee, etc. Insomnia is also more frequent.
* Best moment this week: Shopping with Rodgers, we found some very warm infant pram suits. There were only a few on the rack; they seem to be changing over their stock at that store. One of them was super cute, Child of Mine by Carter's, and it looks like a teddy bear. The only one they had was a 0-3 month size, which is how old Nathanael will be during the coldest weather. Rodgers is very concerned about him getting cold, so we bought it. We also looked at a lot of other things. I'm trying to find a coming home outfit for Nathanael. Rodgers wanted to buy just about every boy outfit we saw, but we didn't. I love seeing him get into preparing for the baby.
* Movement: There are fewer sporadic kicks now, and more controlled-feeling rolls, swimming, and wiggles. I have felt some hiccups. The kicks are increasingly stronger, and seem more intentional. He found my ribs a week ago, and I pushed his feet down with my hand. Then, he started kicking my hand even harder than he'd been kicking my ribs. At least it didn't hurt my hand.
* Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary. I've been wanting chili, stew, mashed potatoes, other cold day type foods, but they are weather appropriate.
* Labor signs: None.
* Belly button in or out: Out, with a little mote around it
* What I miss: Good sleep.
* What I'm looking forward to: Cuddling. I nearly cried when I saw a picture of a new mom cuddling her baby boy because I'm really looking forward to cuddling mine.
* Milestone: Gestational diabetes glucose test, Rhogam shot, and my first ever flu shot all happened last Monday at my appointment. If I had not passed the glucose test, they would have called me. Since they haven't, I should be alright.

I always like to compare myself with old wives' tales about the sex of the baby. Here are some that I found. What's true for me is italicized. And I'm leaving out some of the TMI ones...

It's a boy if:
You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy
Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute
You are carrying the extra weight out front
Your belly looks like a basketball
You are carrying low - (I don't really think I'm high or low.)
You are craving salty or sour foods
You are craving protein -- meats and cheese
Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy
The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy
Your hands are very dry
Your pillow faces north when you sleep - When I got pregnant, but not at our new place
Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you
Pregnancy has you looking better than ever
Your nose is spreading
You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves in circles
You are having headaches
You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number

It's a girl if:
You had morning sickness early in pregnancy
Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute
You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear
Your hair develops red highlights
You are carrying high
Your belly looks like a watermelon
You are craving sweets
You are craving fruit
You crave orange juice
You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy
You are moodier than usual during pregnancy
Your face breaks out more than usual
You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread
Your pillow faces south when you sleep
You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves from side to side
You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number

Boy: 10
Girl: 6
It's a boy.

Columbus Day!

Since I work for the government, I have TONS of holidays, and today's one of them! Federal employees win!

Rodgers does not have the day off. He had class this morning at 8, and is now at work for the rest of the day. He works at an after school program. The schools their kids go to are closed today, so the after school program has kids all day long.

That means I get to be a housewife for a day. :)

Since my body sticks fairly closely to a regular sleep schedule, I have a hard time sleeping in on the weekends. Sunday I sleep a little bit later than Saturday. And when I have Monday off, too, it's like I've had 2 days to practice sleeping in. I didn't get up until 8 today.

I had breakfast, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, emptied the dishwasher, loaded dirty dishes from last night and this morning, scrubbed the sinks, moved our jackets from the nursery closet to our bedroom closet and moved my prepregnancy clothes from the bedroom closet to the nursery closet (we're having cooler weather and will use our jackets more than my clothes I can't fit into anymore), and now I'm catching up on what's new on the internet. But the best part is: I'm still in my pj's! Later, I will get dressed, though, so I can take the trash out to the dumpster, sit on the balcony and read a book, and go grocery shopping.

I think I would like being a housewife.