Saturday, October 30, 2010

sleeping in

I used to be able to sleep all morning long. I enjoy staying up at night. I feel better at night. So, if I didn't have to do anything in the morning, I'd stay up late, then sleep all morning. PM is so much better than AM.

As I've gotten older, I've lost my ability to sleep so late. When I was pregnant, I really couldn't sleep any time of day. And now Nate makes sure we get up before dawn. We had to when I was working. We'd get Nate up at 6 am so that he'd be fed and ready to go by 7. The problem was that he wanted breakfast at 6 am even on the weekends.

Since I've been home, there's been no reason to keep waking up so early. If I get a new job with a shorter commute, Nate will be able to sleep till 6:45 or 7. But, since we've got nowhere to go, we've been letting him wake up on his own. There have still been some early mornings, but for the most part, he's sleeping progressively later, but generally around 7:15ish.

This morning, he woke up at 8! I remember him talking early, but I guess he fell asleep again because the next thing I knew, there was light starting to come through the window, and it was 8. When has the room not been dark when I got up in the morning? I love when the sun is up before me!

The only problem with that is that he went down for his "afternoon" nap at 5:30. So now, it's 15 minutes to bedtime (7), and he's still working on his afternoon nap. I contemplated keeping him up so that we could stick to bedtime, but he really couldn't keep his eyes open.

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  1. Oh man. Thats awesome that you got to sleep in, but that really throws a wrench in bedtime! Yikes!