Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baby weight

How often have I heard "9 months on, 9 months off?" While a nice theory, it's not very realistic. Realistically speaking, I don't expect to lose all of my baby weight, even though my starting weight is less than 10 lbs away. Neither do I expect to wear most of my old clothes ever again, as my hips and pelvic bones are completely rearranged.

I wore a size 2 for many years. The year before I got pregnant, I gained a few lbs and was starting to wear more clothes that were size 4 and less size 2. My weight at my first prenatal appointment, at 6 weeks pregnant, was 113.8 lbs. I was 156.5 lbs by Nate's due date, which is a gain of just under 43 lbs. (He was born 8 days late, but I wasn't weighed after the due date.)

Nate was a big baby, and I had a lot of water weight, so by the time he was 2 weeks old, I had lost 27 lbs. My original weight loss goal was 32 lbs, but when I saw that so much came off so fast, I changed my goal to 37 lbs. I had to buy new clothes to go back to work when Nate was 6 weeks old. I got rid of all my size 2 clothes, but saved the size 4s in the top of the closet. I bought mostly size 8 and a few size 6 slacks that are generous in the hips. The tops I bought were all small or size 6. I'm still wearing all of them. My size goal is to be a solid 6, though if I happen to shrink enough to fit into my old size 4 clothes, I won't complain.

Nate will be 9 months old on Friday. My weight loss goal is within reach! I have lost 35.5 lbs. My size 8 slacks are starting to get wonderfully roomy, and I can almost always wear a 6 when I try on new clothes. I'm nearly there! :)


  1. You go, girl! Has Rodgers reached his weight goal? I gained weight with all three kids but I never lost much after ya'll were born. Hope you make it. Dad

  2. Rodgers was losing weight after we got married because I made him sandwiches instead of letting him have fast food for lunch every day. He gained about 5 lbs just before Nate was born, but I think he's lost it.