Thursday, October 21, 2010

working mommy wednesday

Prompt 2. Things in my purse.

I really enjoyed reading other working moms' posts about what's in their purses, so I decided to go with that prompt as well.

  • wallet (which contains the usual things you would find in a [big] wallet, minus cash, plus a smattering of coupons for baby items and my voter's registration card)
  • packet of kleenex
  • small calendar
  • notepad with a list of books to get from the library, and a pen clipped onto it
  • 2 DVDs that I burned for Ashlie but forgot to give to her
  • a pink baby spoon in a ziploc baggie
  • a Nature's Valley Chewy Trail Mix bar that has been in there so long it is flattened
  • a pair of earrings
  • a compact mirror
  • a mini notebook that I keep usual prices of usual items on my grocery list (so I know if it's really a good sale or not)
  • a nail file and 2 chapsticks (we went over this last week)
  • 6 pens (besides the one clipped to my library list)
  • a small hand lotion
  • 3 cough drops
  • 2 tubes of lipstick
  • a handful of tampons
  • key to the ignition of one of our cars (the ring part of the key is broken; the rest of my keys are on the keychain, which doesn't stay in my purse at home)
  • a fortune from a fortune cookie that says, "Listen carefully. An upcoming important message may be subtle." When did I eat Chinese food?
  • not my cell phone: I usually accidentally leave my it in there at home, and don't hear it when it rings (oops), but today I remembered to take it out! 


  1. wow. you got lots of stuff packed in there!!!

  2. I see we have similiar purses!

    Love the fortune.

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