Friday, October 15, 2010

baby-proofing fail, future embarrassment material win

When Nate's playing on the floor, we usually have our bedroom door and the hall bathroom door closed. Our bedroom is the non-baby safe zone. The hall bathroom is generally as safe as a bathroom can be, but Nate so loves the bath that he attempts to launch himself over the side of the tub, thinking that splashy fun awaits him.

Wednesday morning, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands. Nate crawled in after me, and suddenly I heard splashing:

that trash can isn't really baby-proof either


To-do list:

  • keep door and toilet lid closed
  • put the trash can away
  • save pictures of Nate playing in the toilet for future use

Sidenote: He's 9 months old today!


  1. hahaha that's funny! Happy 9 Months Nate :)

  2. How can you be upset when he gives you that adorable grin?!?!

    I know friends who had to resort to the toilet lid locks because their little one was so fascinated!

  3. JJ's been fascinated with the toilet lately, but I try not to let him get close enough to stick his hands in. Those pictures are precious - and will be good ammo later on in Nate's life. :)

    JJ's big thing is the oven - he opens it without even thinking twice, even when it's on. I've GOT to get an oven lock...

  4. Happy potty day, Nate!
    Oh, I mean PARTY day!