Thursday, October 14, 2010

date morning

We had agreed that we wanted to go on a date once a month. Before this week, our last date was in July, so we have obviously failed to keep up with it. But, when Rod got a tentative job offer Monday (confirmed, definite job offer yesterday afternoon - and not the job that I posted about a few days ago that I didn't want him to get), he said he would take me out to celebrate. We decided to make it a date morning, since we already have daycare set up for Nate.

Tuesday morning, after breakfast tacos from a tiny taco stand and a leisurely stroll in the park with sparkling conversation, we found ourselves at Lowe's. We decided to buy a grill (which happened to be on sale!) so that Rodgers can start grilling meat more often.

Some assembly required. I wasn't prepared for the funniness, but right before I took this picture, Rod was rolling the wheels back and forth, chanting in a high-pitched voice, "It's rolling! It's rolling! It's rolling!" 

He put it to use that night, grilling these pork chops.

I told him to look like he was grilling...

They were very yummy!

Now I must work grilled meat into my menu planning.

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  1. Yum! BBQing is the best. I hope you have lots of yummy BBQ'd meals in your future.