Thursday, October 28, 2010

working mommy wednesday

Prompt 1: What was your college major and did you end up working in that career?

I majored in Computer Graphics Design. It sounded like a fun field of study, and it was!

It turns out that I can only work in graphic design. I know they say that most people don't work in the field they studied. But, when potential employers see my graphic design degree, they don't think I can do anything else. If I didn't have a degree, maybe they'd be more open minded about my range of skills. If I had a general degree in business, maybe they'd consider that I can do different kinds of jobs. But, with a graphic design degree, I can only do graphic design jobs.

Actually, I do know multiple graphic designers who are working as bankers, but with no cash handling experience, I can't have any kind of job in a bank. I mean, I've handled cash in everyday life, but apparently that's not good enough.

So, all that to say I did end up working in the field my degree is in, and I can't get out of it unless I study something else.

I enjoy my field, but the job market being what it is, I wish I could branch out. I'd have a better chance of getting a job if I weren't trapped inside the graphic design box.


  1. If I could go back, I think I would love to study computer graphic design.

    I can see how it is a bit limited. I have a friend who was a Poultry Science Major and works in a chicken plant. There's not much more you can do with that!

  2. that's so strange that there's nothing really out there for you. you would think any type of college degree would give you an edge. always thought graphic design was cool!!
    omg, Gina, there's an actuall "Poultry science major"??????? ;)