Wednesday, October 13, 2010

working mommy wednesday

Prompt 2. Little things I love

I didn't do WMW last week. It was my first week as an unemployed WM, so I didn't know if I qualified. Now, I'm thinking that I do qualify, so I can participate in WMW.

1. My Starbucks tumbler from South Korea. I named it Korwen. It's not the biggest coffee tumbler I have, or the most insulated, or the best. But, it carries with it memories of lots of adventures. By the time I bought it, those adventures were almost over, but I looked for it in several other countries before finally finding The One.

2. Chapstick and nail files. You will find them stashed somewhere in every room of my apartment and every handbag I own. I really can't be without either of these.

3. The clock in Nate's room. It is awesome. I found it during my travels in Asia.

Click to enlarge. Don't mind the dust.

4. Funny signs. Need I say more?

5. Silly adventure story books. The more ridiculous, far-fetched, and unrealistic, the better.

Other things I love I would consider to be big things, such as air conditioning, my boys, family, friends, coffee, my car...


  1. i can't go anywhere without a nail file either!!!!!! i hate when i have a scraggly nail!!

    so cool to see all the cultural stuff you have!!

  2. oh and why are you unemployed... did i miss that? you're still a working mom! ;)

  3. I talked about it a little last month. With the latest budget cuts, my position was eliminated. My last day was Sept 30.