Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pooh. ::snicker::

My inner 8 year old loves that Winnie the Pooh is called Pooh for short. The ear can't hear a difference between Pooh and poo, you know.

Nate has a lovey/security blanket that has Winnie the Pooh on it. We keep it on the changing table. He usually needs something to do with his hands when he's getting a diaper change. I think it's fitting that his diaper change toy be Pooh Bear (well I call it Poo Bear, but it sounds the same).

This picture is from Bonanza, but that's the one he has.

A few weeks ago, the Atkinson IIIs were here visiting us. Trey was reading Lauren a book of Nate's about Winnie the Pooh. He eats too much honey and gets stuck in Rabbit's door, which is a rabbit hole. The other characters get together to help Pooh get unstuck. At the end of the book, they succeed. The line goes something like, "And Pooh popped out of the hole!" I had tried to stifle my laughter, but who can keep from laughing at that?

And then I remembered (and was reminded again today by Lamebook) that there is a book carrying the unfortunate title of Cooking with Pooh. No lie.

And my inner 8 year old giggles with glee.


  1. stop making me giggle!

  2. hahaha *poo* will always be funny

  3. I remember when you were 8 and the memory is fitting with POO.