Sunday, November 14, 2010

an ornament for Nate

I had told Rodgers that one thing I'd really like to have is a table and chairs set for the balcony. We went to Lowe's this week (or was it last week?) to look at some. The Christmas section just happens to be in the patio section. Of course I looked at their Christmas stuff!

As I was perusing the ornaments, I found very cheesy pewter star ornaments for sons and daughters. The son one says:

There is no greater
gift than the love
of a son.

It wasn't exactly the "baby's first Christmas" type of ornament I was looking for. But it would be an ornament in honor of Nate.

Knowing how cheesy my husband is, I knew right away that he'd love it. I took it to him (he was still looking at patio furniture). He was, I'm sure, inwardly rolling his eyes that I'd found something Christmasy to buy. After reading the text, though, he told me, "If you don't buy that, you can't buy anything in this store!" Which is his way of saying that it was the best, most meaningful item in the entire Lowe's store.

It now hangs on our tree.

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