Wednesday, November 5, 2008

struck it rich

As you may well know, I am quite small. I have the hardest time finding clothes that fit me. Since I have an interview tomorrow, I wanted a nice top to wear, but I don't like the ones I have anymore. I've had them for so long, they just don't look that great anymore. 

The only clothes store in Bastrop is Bealls. Bealls is one of those places that doesn't carry misses sizes smaller than 6. They do have juniors down to a 3, but most of their tops are S-M-L, small being a size 5. I wear a 2. I went just to see if they had realized that they are discriminating against small people in their clothing sizes. However, they have not yet seen the light. I found one top I liked that was too big, but could have worked anyway, but it was missing a button, which is ridiculous for a department store to have on their racks.

So, I went to the resale shop down the street from my parents' house. Usually the clothes they have are not very good quality. Occasionally they have one or two things that are good. It seems that I went on the perfect day. I would guess that a person near my size just went through their closet and took a bunch of stuff to the resale shop. I found not one, not two, but EIGHT tops that fit me! This is unheard of. You have no idea how incredibly happy I am! I bought them all because there's no telling when I will find tops to fit me again.

Oh, if I were rich and could shop in designer shops, rather than department stores and resale shops, then I could find tons of things to fit me. Actually all of the tops I got today were originally from those kind of places. So the problem is not only my size but my budget. Stores in my budget cater to large people. I don't understand that at all. I mean, they could make a better profit off of small people clothes: half the material to make the clothes, and they would sell for the same price as the big clothes. The only exception to this generalization, that I have found, is Target. But I have yet to find a dress at Target that fits me. So even they, who carry affordable size 2s, aren't perfect. I think the dresses are in S-M-L sizes. A small is a 6, extra small is 4, so 2 is nowhere in that sizing scheme.

But seriously, I feel as though I struck it rich today. Eight tops in one store that look great and fit me. AND since it was a resale shop, the eight tops together cost about the same as the one top I found at Bealls.


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