Thursday, November 13, 2008

shopping for cakes

Rodgers took me to look at cake catalogs at the Walmart and H-E-B bakeries yesterday. Pam says that those are the best bakeries in Brenham, and since we have them here in Temple, too, we can pick something out here and have it made there. The thing is, I want a very simple cake. The majority of the cakes are completely covered with various decorations, which I don't want. I just want a smooth white cake that I can put fresh berries on, and maybe shaved dark chocolate too. I've decided to go with a white cake, raspberry filling, and cream cheese icing. Actually maybe I'll make the bigger one cream cheese icing and the smaller one white buttercream. Some people don't like cream cheese icing. Hmmm...Then, top with fresh berries and shave a block of dark chocolate. That sounds delicious.

This is the best cake I've found. It's at H-E-B. But apparently, someone found a cake they liked at H-E-B, took the picture to WalMart, and had it made there. I guess WalMart is cheaper. I do like the little scallops or whatever around the edge. But I do not want the roses on top. They do allow you to order this one in only 2 tiers instead of 4. Those would be 10" and 14", which is exactly the size of cake that my stand allows. And since we're not having a small cake on the top tier, that would be perfect. 

So I think we'll probably use this one. I'll need to take them my plates to put the cakes on. It will make things easier if they just put them on the plates that fit in my stand, rather than putting them on their own plates which I would eventually have to return and which may or may not be stable on my stand. 

H-E-B's website says to order the cake 4 months in advance. That would be this Friday. So, we may send Pam to Brenham H-E-B this week to order it and find out when I should deliver my plates to them and how much it will cost for the 2 tiers with no decorations.

H-E-B will deliver the cake for $25, but it's so close to the house, it would really not be much trouble for someone to just go pick it up. Especially since we're going to put the toppings on ourselves. 

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