Monday, November 3, 2008

Pam's yard

This weekend, we went to Brenham to check out Pam's yard and start thinking about how the ceremony is going to work. We had been trying to keep the list short. Not only do we want a somewhat private and intimate ceremony, we also don't want to overwhelm the backyard with too many people. The guest list grew faster than we anticipated, and we weren't sure if it was too many people for the yard.

The door on the left is Pam's bedroom. That will be my dressing room, and where I will emerge for the ceremony. I will walk around to the back of the yard, and then walk up to the place where we will say our vows. I think I will want to have some sort of carpet or something to walk on so that my dress doesn't drag across the dirt and grass. The wedding will be in the spring, so there will be no leaves on the ground. Also, the elephant ears will be very tiny, since they die in the winter and will just be starting to grow back. Pam is also thinking of planting some flowers.

The deck has 3 levels. This is the highest one, and that's where we'll stand for the ceremony. The table and chairs will be moved to the lower level, for serving cake, etc. The potted plants will be arranged to work with our set up, whatever that will be.

This is the side yard. The lighter part on the fence (behind the small tree) is a gate. I think that the guests will enter through there.

From the upper part of the deck, looking right. There will be seating over there.

Panning left. A chair in the yard, for perspective. Since we have to rent chairs, we are hoping that everyone who's coming sends an RSVP. But if they don't, they can stand behind that island. :)

More chairs will be lined up on that side.

This is directly left of the deck. If we need the space there for more chairs, we will use it, too. 

This is taken from the back door.
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