Thursday, November 20, 2008

engrish engagement

One of my favorite websites which is updated daily (thus all the more reason to love it) is Engrish. I've talked about it on this blog before, so you should already know this.

I only recently discovered that, in addition to the daily Engrish sign/photo/whatever, there is also a blog, or rather, a brog. It has brought me copious amounts of joy. Today's brog was an engagement story sent in by a reader. She was proposed to at her favorite sushi place. They knew there was to be a proposal and prepared the following spread:

How cool is that?

In related news...Rod took me out for Chinese after a very successful visit to a church Sunday morning (successful because they didn't make us go in the college Sunday School class and the class they did put us in was great). I thought my fortune was fun: Don't give into cynicism. (The "in" and the "to" should have been separate words.) Then I read Rod's fortune: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Still makes me giggle.

1 comment:

  1. awesome Rachel.
    May be I should use same way for special moment.hahaha...
    Real sushi is really yummy!!
    Blessing from Jerusalem