Thursday, November 6, 2008

THE cake stand

I went to Michael's with Mom and Dad last week. Mom had to buy some wooden doll heads for a craft project. We looked at their silk flowers, as I will probably opt for silk bouquets and corsages rather than fresh flowers. It will be about 4.50 per bouquet. That's nice. Then we looked at their wedding stuff. The cake stand which I previously posted (the last one) was there, for $50. So I told Mom that's the one that I wanted, and she said that maybe, when she had money, she could go back and buy it. Then, when we checked out, they gave us a 40% off one item coupon with our receipt! It expires tomorrow, so we sent it with Dad when he went to Austin yesterday, and he returned with a different cake stand than what I had picked. But of course, I picked one of the lower priced ones. The one he bought me was a bit more expensive, but much more "me."

Here it is, semi-assembled, with my cake topper and toasting flutes. There are screws to put in that stabilize the tiers, so that they don't lean like they are in this picture. The bottom 2 tiers will have cakes on them. I'm thinking strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, as it's one of my favorite combos of all time. It will be garnished with fresh berries on top, and possibly around the sides as well. I think that berries are perfect for a March wedding. The top tier will have the topper, surrounded by berries. Trey asked me, "If you don't have a top tier of cake, what are you going to eat on your first anniversary?" I said, "Frozen berries!" We all thought that frozen berries would probably be better than frozen cake after a year in the freezer.

Here is a picture on the box. If you turn it, as I have in the other picture, so that the post is in the back, the cakes seem to be magically floating above each other. The swirly icing in this picture is pretty, but I don't know if I'll have swirls like that or not. And I'll definitely have more kinds of berries than strawberries.
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