Thursday, July 31, 2008


I haven't blogged in a while. I guess that, compared to a trip in Kenya, life is pretty boring. Some changes are coming up in my life, though. Things could become more interesting.

First of all, my lease at this apartment ends August 31. At that point, I will house-sit for some people I work with, who will be out of the country for most of September. Then I will live with some other people for October. I'm looking forward to house-sitting. I've done it before. It's fun to have someone else's entire house all to myself. It's also nice to have MY entire place to myself, but that's coming a little later on.

At the end of October, my commitment with Wycliffe will be fulfilled. I intend to get a job and a place of my own. The area I'm looking at is Temple, TX. My Rodgers will be going to UMHB, to turn his Associate Degree in Psychology into a BS, starting in August. (Today, he is still in Kenya, but will be back in 2 weeks.) So I am hoping to live near where he'll be and work in that area, too. It will be very different to live so close to each other. The goal is to get married eventually.

I actually bought a wedding dress already. I thought it was crazy to buy a dress before even being engaged. But I thought it would be ok since Rodgers already invited a ton of people to our wedding before being engaged. Plus, it was an $850 dress on ebay, and I won the bid for $35. The shipping was $40, but that's still an outrageously good deal. (I have a secret photo album with pictures of the dress, if you want to see it, just ask.)

I have found an apartment I quite like, as it is presented online. I haven't seen it in person yet. I will do that sometime when I'm down in that area. I'm sure I'll go down there for something... It's one of the largest one bedroom apartments I've seen in my price range. And I really like that the bedroom is a loft.

Since I'll kind of be a gypsy in September and October, most of my stuff is going into storage. I'll keep my clothes and computer with me, though - just the necessities. So I'm looking for a nice cheap storage unit in Arlington. I have found movers who will take my stuff there for a reasonable price. Since it's a short move and only a partial apartment of stuff, it is affordable. When I go to Temple, I will have to rent a trailer and get someone I know to tow it for me (I think I have a few options there). I could just rent a whole U-Haul truck, but I really don't think I need that much space. Maybe a small truck. But still, I think I'd want someone else to drive it. It's not really my thing...

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