Wednesday, July 2, 2008

safari ya kenya :: Day 7 :: in Malindi

Wednesday, June 18

We checked out of the hotel this morning and got on a bus that would take us to Kambi ya Waya, where we would then walk to the house in the country. Rod kept trying to call Wilson (his older brother) to see if he was home, but couldn't get him. The bus hadn't left yet, so we just got off.

We decided to check in to another hotel and found one on the beach - still about $10 for a single room for one night. Our tuk-tuk driver waited for us, then took us to Malindi Marine Park. We didn't know what it was, but apparently it's mostly for snorkeling. We didn't have our swimsuits, so we just walked along the beach, then sat in some shade talking until we got hungry for lunch.

From my hotel window

After lunch we took naps. I checked on Rod after a while, and he was sleeping so soundly. I woke him up accidentally, but he couldn't stay awake. I thought he would sleep all day. Finally he did wake up though, and we took a walk, checked out an even more expensive safari place, and checked email again.

In the pub on the ground floor of our hotel

Beaty called to ask for Rod's youngest sisters' measurements - Khadija and Chorus, who are in high school. I guess she's also finished Mom's dress now.

After checking emails, Rod called Moses and Francis again. They came and drank tea with us in the same cafe as yesterday until it was almost dark. Moses had permission from his wife to stay there at the cafe with us as long as he wanted, but his vehicle (which I think was a motorcycle or a scooter) didn't have working headlights, so he had to leave before 7 when it gets dark.

We walked back to our hotel. It's a full moon, or close to it, and the moon reflected on the ocean. It was beautiful and romantic. So we walked back to the hotel along the sidewalk next to the beach, watching the moon and holding hands.

We had dinner in the hotel's pub. I was thinking of curry and the waiter said one of the curries was the best - his favorite food on the menu. So I had that. It was unlike any curry I've had before.

We did eventually hear from Wilson. He was going to a funeral for one of their uncles' grandmothers. The funeral is tomorrow. So there will be no one at home in the country. We'll probably go back to Mombasa.

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