Wednesday, July 2, 2008

safari ya kenya :: Day 9 :: in Mombasa

Friday, June 20

This morning we finished my shopping. Rod made a deal yesterday with one guy that he would buy 3 chess sets for $15. I wanted to buy one for Trey and didn't really know what to get for Dad and Matt. The guys wanted $10-12 for 1 chess set, but made the deal with Rod. He made sure it was ok with me, and we went and picked them up this morning, first thing.

After breakfast, Rod went to Bamburi to pick up our moms' dresses. He was gone for a couple of hours. I stayed in my hotel and read a book, which was very nice. The dresses look great!

The dresses for our moms

When Rod got back, we took our postcards to the post office (he wrote 2 for his moms in Brenham) and mailed them. 95 KSHS to mail a postcard to the US. The one I sent to Cat in Senegal was only 75 (but that's still over $1 USD).

Then we met up with William and took a ride down to the ferry. We walked along the road by the river, looking at the baobab trees and watching a container ship coming in to the docks. Rod had taken me down there on my first day in Mombasa, but I was able to enjoy it much more today since I wasn't jet lagged.

The famous Mombasa elephant tusks (they are not from real elephants, just a metal sculpture)

We came back to GPO for lunch, then went to the beach. We walked from Pirate's beach down to Travelers' beach. Agie was still working and there was a volleyball game going on. Rod and Agie joined in.

William and Rod on the beach

Rod brought me back to my hotel to clean up while he went to buy some more shoes - his had gotten wet playing volleyball and he didn't have any more shoes in Kenya he could wear tomorrow besides his dress shoes. When I shaved, the top layer of sunburn on my legs peeled off (I'm sure Cat will find that particularly appealing).

We just took it easy till dinnertime. I wanted to try biriani, which has the same main ingredients as pilau, but is different somehow. The first restaurant we went to had only chicken and chips. The next one had only beef liver left. The third one assured us they did have food, but also had a limited selection. Fortunately, one thing they did have left was very good. Chicken fry - which is chicken with sauteed veggies and a tomato sauce. I'll have to try biriani some other time.

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