Wednesday, July 2, 2008

safari ya kenya :: Day 13 :: in Mombasa and transit

Tuesday, June 24

Today we had breakfast at the same place we had breakfast on my first day in Mombasa.

Rod had some pictures printed from yesterday and Sunday - to give to Florence and show Angeline and Beaty that we took Mama Esther's dress to her. We picked them up after breakfast and headed out to Bamburi one last time.

There was enough fabric left over from our moms' dresses that Beaty was making dresses for Khadija and Chorus - the only siblings of Rod's still living at home. One was already together when we got there, and Beaty put the other one together before we left. Rod abandoned me there so Beaty and Angeline would talk to me, but we still didn't talk much.

We had lunch with Benson. I finally got to eat biriani. Rice, meat, and sauce. It was quite good. Not really worth all the trouble it took to get me my first plate of it, but I'd eat it again.

Benson had to leave us around 2 because he had to work and then take a test in his computer class. We passed the next hour window shopping.

Beaty, Pauline, and Janet (not Rod's sister-in-law, but Beaty's sister and William's girlfriend) met us at my hotel at about 3, which is also when our taxi arrived. Then we went to the airport. I didn't have to check in until 5:30, but the traffic would have been worse then, so we went really early. I spent my last shillings buying everyone sodas and we sat and talked until time for me to check in. William joined us eventually, too.

It was strange to me that they all wanted to see me off at the airport. I kind of wished it could be just Rod and me so we could cuddle the whole time until I had to leave. But I probably would have cried more then.

31 hours till I'll be in Austin...

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