Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my journal from Kenya

My whole journal is now online. For those who can't get enough of Kenya (most of them are named Angela) and want to know every detail. I didn't write all my stories down, but I did write a lot of stuff. There's an entry for all 13 days.

I figured out how to manipulate the date/time of the posts so that they are now in the correct order instead of backwards order. Yay!


  1. Fun to read of your trip! It sounds like you got to experience the real Kenya.

  2. Is it just my imagination, or did Day 12 end up an awful lot like the ill-fated trip to see the Taal Volcano??? You know, the common factor in all your problems is you... :)

  3. Very encouraging Kris...But yes, actually I did have flashbacks to the Taal Volcano trip on Day 12. I guess I just haven't got the hang of road trips yet.