Wednesday, July 2, 2008

safari ya kenya :: Day 10 :: in Mombasa

Saturday, June 21

This morning, Rod decided to close his bank account and open an account at a different bank. We left early enough that there was no line at his old bank (the Kenyans were taught to queue by the British, who make it an art-form), but by the time we got to the new bank there was a long line. At least 50 people in each of 2 long lines (that's a conservative estimate). The new account line only had about 5 people, though. So Rod got an application, which I filled out while he went next door to copy his national ID. Then when he got back, he returned to the new accounts line and I got in the cash deposit line to save him a place so that he could make a deposit into his account after he opened it. I don't know how long I stood in that line. I would guess over an hour. It was great to experience how much more efficient you can be when there are 2 of you.

Then we met Beaty so Rod could buy some fabric for her to make his mom another dress (Beaty and Angeline shamed him into doing this since the other dress they made is from my mom, and he believes his mom deserves everything, so he can't resist getting her something - he is really a mama's boy). He also bought fabric for himself a pair of black slacks.

I tried again to have biriani, but there was none, so I had a fish with the head still on for lunch, but I did not eat the head, as Rod would have.

We had lunch late and finished shopping afterwards. Then we took the rest of the afternoon just chilling, reading, and watching TV.

We had great pizza at Blue Room for dinner. It's the nicest restaurant I've been to in Kenya.

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