Wednesday, September 29, 2010

unemployment here I come

I realized this morning that my last blog post was last week's WMW post, and I really try to have an unprompted blog post each week. I've been distracted lately, though, and haven't felt like it.

Tomorrow is the day. Because of budget cuts, tomorrow is the last day I will be working at this job. I've known about it for a few months and have been looking for a new job, but lots of people are looking for a new job right now. I apply for several jobs each week, and so far the only feedback I've gotten is a few "thanks but no thanks" emails.

It's frustrating and disappointing.

The thing that I am most anxious about is actually not how we'll pay the bills while I'm unemployed, but what to do about Nate's daycare. The bills will be fine. We have Rodgers' income, we have savings, and we should have some unemployment benefits, too. But daycare, we've paid through the end of October. We are assuming I'll find a new job and not be home, unemployed, for very long. We're assuming that I will need to take Nate to daycare for a few hours each day to do job applications and interviews until I do get a new job. But I don't know what we will do come the end of October if I'm still not working. Do we pay for more daycare that we aren't really using? Do we stop paying and give up Nate's spot in the infant room? If we do that, what if I get a new job the next week, and we have no childcare? What will we do then? These questions would drive me crazy if I continued thinking about this.

For now, I'm trying to remain positive and optimistic. God always has something for me. Who knows what it is this time? Surely he will continue to take care of us and work things out. We'll decide what to do about November's daycare tuition when the time comes to pay it. Until then, we wait and see what happens, and I continue applying for jobs.


  1. Fingers crossed for quick employment for you so all those "what ifs" don't have to be considered!

  2. Prayers for you and your family as you go through this uncertain time. You've got the right attitude of relying on God, and that's the only thing you can do to get you through. Hope you find something fast!

  3. Oh wow what a scary time! God can and will work this out, but it may be hard and stressful. You will grow through it. Praying for you!