Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's Thursday and Nate has only been to daycare one day this week.

Monday, of course, was Labor Day. Fabulous day at home with my guys.

Tuesday, he went to daycare, as usual.

It started raining on Tuesday and was still raining when we woke up Wednesday. There were big puddles in the parking lot, but all was flowing into our little creek, which was higher than usual, but not even close to full. Nate and I left on time.

After exiting the freeway, I noticed a truck backing up on the access road. He backed into the nearest parking lot, exiting to the side street. I thought it was odd, but as I got closer, I noticed the street was closed, so I followed suit. The access road dips there, to go over a creek that doesn't normally have much water in it. The freeway has a nice, high bridge. I assumed the creek was over the road. No matter, I could come from the other direction and get to the daycare without crossing the creek (I would have to cross it exiting, so I'm not sure what my plan was). Turns out, the access road on the other side was closed, too, forcing me to join the freeway again. It was then that I saw this:

Nate's daycare is to the right and behind these buildings. (I didn't take this picture; it was pouring when I drove past, and they were trying to get their church vans out of the parking lot.)
edit: the buildings are 2ish feet higher than the parking lot, which is covered with overflow from the creek.

So, we went home. Rodgers thought he'd have to go to work in the afternoon as usual, but got a call that they were flooded, too.

His work and Nate's daycare are right across the freeway from each other.

So, we had the day at home together again. We went out yesterday evening to see if the water was receding. It was, but the creek that flooded the area was still a rushing river. Local businesses were attempting to clean out the mud from their floors, tables, chairs, everything. The access roads were still closed, as they were clearing the mud and trees off. The parking lots were coated with mud.

This morning, we found out that they did get water in the building at daycare, so Nate has the day off again. They'll be open tomorrow, operating out of the church building. Rodgers called and asked, but they didn't know yet how much was ruined. We're taking new diapers, formula, bottles, everything, just in case they need it.

[pictures courtesy my Facebook friends]

On a related note, our bathroom ceiling leaks, as we discovered when I was trying to blog yesterday. I called the apartment office about it, and they added us to a list. Looks like they have lots of ceiling leaks this week. When it dries, they'll have a roofer come out and fix everything. Till then, our linen/toiletry closet contents are packed in suitcases, sitting in the bathroom floor.

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