Wednesday, September 22, 2010

working mommy wednesday

You know you're a working mom when... buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes at 6 weeks postpartum, even though you have no intention of remaining three sizes bigger than you were before pregnancy, but you have to have something decent to wear to work!

...your goal getting ready in the mornings is "good enough," but when you get to work and see your childless female coworkers, you realize that "good enough" = frumpy. pictures now replace wedding pictures on your desk. cut your lunch break down to 30 minutes so that you can leave work 30 minutes early because if you don't, you risk being late picking the kid up from daycare, a $15-per-minute risk (and you can't just start work 30 minutes earlier because the daycare isn't open that early).

..."me" time consists of reading a book during your 30 minute lunchbreak. Oh, how sacred that time is!

...while digging through your work tote bag, looking for Excedrin, you find instead a pair of tiny socks and a bib. don't go out for dinner on weeknights anymore because it takes too much time.

...rather than being concerned about what food is most economical and healthy, you're more concerned with what food is fastest/easiest to prepare. Additionally, you may be a bit too attached to your crockpot.

...while frying eggs for breakfast Sunday, you also make some mashed potatoes to eat with dinner Monday night.

...your husband does more housework than you do.


  1. Love the food one! Since kids... if dinner takes more than 30 minutes to prepare -- it does not get made!

  2. Great list! Here's to the life of a working mom :)

  3. I completely agree about dining out on weeknights! It takes too long and it's just not worth it! I don't know how they end up in there, but I have had a pair of socks in every purse I've carried since 2003. What's up with that!? ;)

    Great list!!! I love it!

  4. Visiting from WMW and love this list. I'm all for fast and easy these days!

  5. "your husband does more housework"... that's us!! he's a SAHD, so i get it. and yes, baby pictures replace every other picture in the house. and i'm finding my kids socks everywhere!!!

  6. I totally hear you on the "me time" being a book read during lunch. I do that daily!