Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Working life BEFORE kids vs. Working life AFTER kids
(don't have kids?? working life as a teen/young adult vs. working life as an adult.)

Before kids and before husband, my work wasn't so different. I've had a lot of jobs since graduating in 2004. I've never been one to work long hours, though. Maybe I haven't had demanding jobs, but I get my stuff done for the day and go home on time. Only once or twice did I have a project come up with an immediate deadline that required more than an 8 hour day. At one job that required staying late at the office. At another job it meant taking my laptop home with me.

Pre-marriage, my evenings were mostly free. I tried to cook dinner once a week but usually didn't care enough to put forth the effort. I'd go to evening Bible study groups, grocery shop when I needed to, never planned out meals, and watched a lot of TV.

I had a 2 hour bedtime routine because I had trouble sleeping at night. I usually went to bed around 11, later on the weekends. I got up in the mornings as late as possible and had a morning routine as well. I got up about 7 (later when I had jobs with a shorter commute or later start time), poured the coffee, spent 15-20 minutes reading my Bible and a short devotional, then got ready for the day, and hoped that I wouldn't be late for work (but I was usually 5 minutes late).

Once Rodgers and I started dating, I spent on average an hour on the phone with him every evening. He wouldn't talk to me longer than that.

When I moved to the same town Rodgers was living in, and we were no longer LDR, he would come over for dinner every night. I had a different job, since I'd moved, but still, I worked my hours and went home. I did start cooking more often because Rodgers would cook and clean up with me, and I enjoyed doing those tasks together. He would go home around 8, and I had the rest of the evening to myself. I did nothing productive with it.

I spent so much of my evenings doing nothing. It was fabulous. I enjoy doing nothing.

After getting married, my evenings were similar to our short distance relationship, except Rodgers didn't go home at night (obviously). We watched a lot of movies in the evenings. Once I had the pregnancy fatigue and 24 hour nausea, I did even less than I'd done before.

When Nate was born, my free, nothing-filled evenings were over. I work the same hours, but now I have to plan our meals, buy groceries on the weekend, and split up the chores because who has the time to clean a whole 850 square foot apartment in one day? Not me. As I've blogged before, we have a schedule for all cleaning and laundry to make sure we don't get behind. My attempts to schedule exercise in to my evenings has been somewhat successful. Now, Rodgers and I have started MasterLife, and we are trying to work the daily homework from that into our evenings. I no longer have a drawn out evening routine. I don't have trouble falling asleep any more, probably because my days are full, and I'm exhausted.

I get up between 5:45 and 6 now. The morning routine is slightly different. It's an abbreviated version of my previous routine, with some baby-getting-ready thrown in there. Rodgers gets Nate ready for the most part, though. I haven't been late for work a single time since Nate was born because he doesn't let us oversleep. We leave between 7 and 7:10, I drop him at daycare, and I usually arrive at work a few minutes early.

The biggest difference between being a working mom and a working wife or single adult is that there are no more evenings or weekends filled with doing nothing. There are a lot more demands on my time, and my life is much more scheduled and routine. We'll still take off on a spontaneous weekend trip from time to time, but it takes us longer to get out the door.


  1. great post! I agree, no more evenings with nothing to do!! Unless you count that brief time after the kids are in bed and you catch up blogging but that's doing something too isn't it!

  2. you are so right!! evenings aren't just sitting around (except for wednesday nights when I read WMW posts!!)

    bravo for you for keeping up with the Bible and devotional studies too... I need to be in your house!

  3. I am so with you! I often wonder, what the heck did I used to do with my free time? Happy WMW!

  4. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  5. Yep, sometimes nothin' is a pretty cool hand.