Tuesday, December 1, 2009

more changes

My hair falls out when I wash it. Before I was pregnant, A LOT of my hair fell out every time I washed it. Now, it's only a little bit. But, I got into the habit of gathering up my fallen out hairs in my hands to throw away, rather than letting them go down the drain, so that I don't have to use so much 10-minute Hair Clog Remover.
The last time I washed my hair, after throwing away the mass of fallen out hairs, there was still one stuck to my hand. As I unstuck it from me, it caught the light, and I noticed that it was much more brilliant-silvery-white than my usual blonde-almost-invisible strands. I thought it couldn't possibly be, so I stuck it to the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair until a real blonde one fell out. When I compared the two, it was unmistakable. The first was definitely a white hair.
Being blonde, there's no telling how many more white hairs are mixed in there. I never would have known if this one hadn't fallen out. How long have I had white hairs? That one was at least 6" long. Dang.
When we started dating, Rodgers told me he had 1 white hair. After a quick look, I could tell that he actually had 3, he just couldn't see 2 of them. Now, he's got about 7. The contrast between them and his other hairs and skin color is so great that you can find them easily. But they get no more than a quarter of an inch long. It's possible I could have more than him, but we may never know...

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