Wednesday, December 23, 2009

first home movies of Nathanael

**Skip this one if you don't want to see a bare pregnant belly**

This afternoon, Nate and I were listening to a little Trans Siberian Orchestra. He really likes it. He was dancing, squirming, and kicking a lot. So, I got out the camcorder to capture a little of it on film. Of course, he settled down once the camera was rolling, but I did get a few seconds of kicks and wiggles.

The best video is during Christmas Canon.

This one is A Mad Russian's Christmas, which is one of his favorites. You can see him moving a little above my belly button in the first half, but the real kicks start after about 17 seconds or so.

I guess I should keep the camera on all the time, focused on my belly, so that I'll be sure to catch the best kicks on film.

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  1. This is great footage!! :>) PS I love your blog ~ I read your entire "story" and I loved reading a romance novel!!