Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my own personal collection of symptoms

I found a list of some of the more common pregnancy complaints. Some are from early pregnancy, but most are things that develop later. I thought it would be fun to see how many I have enjoyed.
_x_ moodiness [Lately, I've been more prone to tears. The weekend we found out about the pregnancy, before I took the test, Rodgers will tell you he could do nothing right. I didn't intend to be so mean to him, but I guess I was...]
_x_ swollen feet/cankles [the feet, no cankles]
_x_ outgrowing wedding rings [I had to move my wedding band to my pinky a long time ago; this week, the engagement ring may make the move as well]
_x_ outgrowing maternity clothes [I'm ok with it if my belly gets too big for them, but when I can't fit my early maternity pants over my hips anymore, that's a little disturbing]
_x_ crazy weight gain
_x_ morning sickness [I still gag most mornings while brushing my teeth, but nothing like the first trimester when I had to be medicated for it.]
___ melasma
_x_ acne [This has gotten a lot better, but still more acne than prepregnancy. Also, Rodgers developed more acne after I got pregnant. :) ]
_x_ heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux [eating dinner without Zantac = disaster]
___ Hemmorhoids
_x_ gas that could clear a room
_x_ going to the bathroom every 10 minutes [10 minutes is an exaggeration, but really, I could go all the time.]
_x_ peeing yourself
_x_ fatigue
_x_ insomnia [ironic, huh?]
_x_ shortness of breath
_x_ general aches and pains (ribs, back, etc) [I have a heat wrap on the ribs right now.]
_x_ waddling [I'm not sure if it's an official waddle, but I do walk funny. It hurts to try to walk normal.]
_x_ restless leg syndrome
___ sciatica
_x_ Braxton Hicks
_x_ itchy skin
_x_ stretch marks
___ varicose veins
___ gestational diabetes
___ high blood pressure
___ Preeclampsia
___ PUPP

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