Saturday, December 26, 2009

38 weeks

How Far Along
38 weeks 1 day
How Big is Baby 19.5" long, 6.8 lbs is average for 38 weeks.
Total Weight Gain 38ish pounds
Stretch Marks There may be some on my lower belly, but I'm refusing to look at that in the mirror at this point
Sleep Meh - I give up. Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Best Moment this Week Christmas!
Movement He moves a lot, but is having longer periods of stillness. Maybe he's developing a habit of regular naps.
Food Cravings dark chocolate
Labor Signs More and more Braxton Hicks contractions, but they're still not causing any sort of progress.
Belly Button The way I'm sitting right now, it's a flattie. So, the same as it's been for the past month or so.
What I Miss lack of pain.
What I'm Looking Forward To The same as last week: not being pregnant anymore. Soon (ish).
Weekly Wisdom 2nd trimester would be a better time to have the holidays.
Milestones The next milestone, I believe, will be birth.

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