Saturday, March 7, 2009


I signed up for Twitter.

I saw in the news today that NASA will be launching a giant camera tonight, which will focus on one portion of the galaxy, watching the stars to see if a planet crosses in front of a star. Then it will estimate the size of the planet and its distance from that star. All this in attempt to see if there's another planet out there like Earth which could sustain life. Anyway, they're updating their Twitter with the preparations for launch, and I thought it would be interesting to follow that. So I signed up for Twitter.

I'll also watch the launch on NASA TV. But the pre-launch show so far was boring me. I'm now watching Wife Swap. It's obnoxious. But it makes me feel like a good person, and like I'm not crazy. :) They're incredibly unreasonable. And ridiculous. And irrational.

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