Sunday, March 22, 2009

new bedroom!

We made a trip to IKEA yesterday. We were very excited. After depositing our wedding money in the bank, we were planning to complete our IKEA bedroom. (I bought the bed with last year's income tax refund.) So we got to Round Rock IKEA and, besides running into Kathy Forehand (my bff from college's mom) all we found was nothing. IKEA rocks, but ironically, Round Rock IKEA does not. They stopped carrying our line of bedroom stuff 6 months ago.

So, after lunch at Joe's Crabshack, we decided to make an impromptu trip to Houston because that IKEA does have our stuff, and one tank of gas is a whole lot cheaper than IKEA's shipping charges. We bought the wardrobe and a bedside table for Rodgers' side of the bed (I have a 2 drawer chest nightstand). Here are some pictures of our bedroom:

Angela and Hans gave us a beautiful comforter set. This is one of the shams. I think we will use it for winter. I used it for a few nights before the wedding and it was so warm, I think that we can use it without the heater on cold winter nights.

Here's our bed and Rodgers' little table. The quilt was made by Phyllis Binkley, who met Rod in Kenya when he was 14 years old. He calls her his California Mom. She is quite an artist! An interesting factoid: Rodgers and I both had the same picture of us framed, sitting by our beds, and now they are both sitting by the same bed. Mine's in a heart frame. It was taken at Claire's wedding.

The table, which Rodgers put together while I was fininshing the drawers for the wardrobe.

A closeup of the quilt. At the top is Deuteronomy 31:8 and at the bottom is Proverbs 3:5-6. She asked us for our favorite verses, and we gave her these. We like them because they remind us where we're going in life and how we're getting there.

And here's the wardrobe. It took a few hours to put together, and we set one of the panels in backwards, but realized it too late to care about disassembling the thing and correcting it. At IKEA, it said that the boxes containing the wardrobe (there were 2) weighed 250 lbs. One of the boxes went into the car whole; the other wouldn't fit with the first box there. Despite having a large trunk and backseat, the passthrough between the two is quite small. It wasn't tall enough to stack the 2 boxes. So we took the contents out of box 2 and stacked the long stuff on top of box 1 and arranged the other things around the sides of the trunk. The biggest part of the adventure was carrying box 1 up to the 3rd floor once we got home. I scraped the back of my leg on the concrete steps, which are coated in sharp bits of gravel. Other than that, we were amazing at getting that big, long, heavy box up here.
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