Friday, March 20, 2009


The wedding was beautiful and romantic. The 10% chance of rain drizzled all afternoon. We set 11 am/noon as our point of no return. At that point, as far as I [Rachel] could tell, the morning mist seemed to be clearing up. So we were "on" for the outdoor wedding. Had it been torrential downpour, I would have opted for the alternate venue. As it was, we went ahead with the wedding in Pam's backyard. The reception moved into her house, which she seemed to be ok with.

Since I was wearing a huge dress and my head and bare shoulders were covered with a veil, I only felt the rain once. It was actually a huge drop of water falling from a tree branch overhead, directly into my left eye. It was a bit chilly, but not too bad (for me at least).

The aisle began at Pam's backdoor, which is in her dining room. So after the recessional, we just turned around in the dining room and had a great impromptu receiving line as all the guests retreated into the warm, dry house.

It was a great wedding. All week, we've been commenting to each other about how much fun we had and how much we loved our wedding. We really can't wait to see the video! We'll check with our videographer about when he plans on getting it online. In the meantime, there are a few unofficial wedding photo albums online.

Mom's Pictures
Aunt Sondra's Pictures

These links both came to us in emails, so I'm hoping that you will be able to access the sites without having been sent an email from the album creators. There is also a great album on Facebook, if you're on there and friends with either of us, we've both been tagged in it so you may be able to find that one, too.

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