Monday, March 9, 2009

6 days

[Rachel here]

What are we feeling at 6 days left of singleness? Insane excitement.

Rodgers is so overwhelmed that he's been napping for 2 hours this afternoon. [Ok, the napping may be due to the fact that he doesn't get enough sleep during the week at night, so he sleeps all afternoon Sunday.]

He came to pick me up for church this morning. On our way down the road, he said, "This is your last Sunday before the wedding!" Yesterday, he reminded me that it was my last Saturday before the wedding. He has also been making up songs to go with the countdown. I have a sticky note countdown stuck to the hutch over my desk at work. Every day I peel one sticky off to reveal the next countdown. And now, there's less than a week to go! I'm only working 3 days this week, so I think it will be a very fast week.

We didn't do anything exciting at all on the last weekend of our engagement. Well, we haven't done anything exciting yet. It is only 4 pm Sunday afternoon, so there's still a little time for spontaneous excitement, IF Rodgers wakes up from his nap. He's opened his eyes to look at me periodically, but then he just falls asleep again. We have the A/C off and the balcony door opened. It's 84 degrees outside. The warm air coming in adds to drowsiness.

I've been keeping an eye on the forecast. I'm watching and For the past week, they've been disagreeing about the weather for Saturday. One day one would say that it would be raining and 60 degrees and the other would say sunny and 75. The next day they would switch. Today, they're pretty close to the same. We have a 20-30% chance of rain, and the afternoon high will be 62-63. A bit cooler than I was hoping for. At least the chance for rain is low. But, with 6 days to go, I'm sure the forecast will change again.

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