Monday, July 12, 2010

where is it?

Rodgers has a habit of falling asleep in our chair-and-a-half. It's so comfy with the ottoman, after dinner, he just can't keep his eyes open. Usually, when I go to take a shower, he'll fall asleep in the chair. I make him get up and come to bed once I'm done. Whether he falls asleep before or after I go to shower, I tell him, "I'm going to shower now." That way he knows I'm not around for baby duty, if Nate happens to wake up, which he doesn't.

Monday night, I went to take a shower. Rodgers was already partially napping, but I told him I was going.

I got out of the shower, got ready for bed, and was sitting in bed updating my chart (for FAM - info here if you don't know what that is), when a car alarm started going off in the parking lot. It wasn't one of those siren types, it was just a repetitive blaring of the horn. It went off for a long time.

After a few minutes, Rodgers stumbled into the bedroom, looked at me, pointed his finger, and said, "Where is it?"


"Your thingy!"

"...what thing?"

"beep! beep! beep!"

"That's a car alarm. Are you still asleep?"

He went back to the chair and laid down again. He does remember the conversation, so he wasn't totally sleep walking/talking. He swears I told him to listen for my alarm while I was in the shower because I wouldn't be able to hear it go off.

Ok, so maybe it's not funny to you. We cracked up. Sleep does funny things to the brain.


  1. nope, that's funny. I just about fell out of my chair funny. Trying not to wake up the baby funny. wow.

  2. I think it's very funny!!

  3. Why didn't my Hillary comment post to this hilarious post?

  4. That's a relief. As I was typing I suddenly felt that it wasn't funny at all. :)

    Mom - is it the comment that went to my previous post (the Inigo Montoya inconceivable one)? I got that one right before this one. Otherwise, I dunno. Sometimes things evaporate.