Friday, July 9, 2010

the freaking toilet

Our lease ends in August. If we're moving out, our time to notify the apartments was last week. We don't plan to move, but Rodgers said, "If they don't fix the freaking toilet, we're outta here!"

A long time ago, when I was pregnant, I got home from work, and there was a note from maintenance on the door that they had come to fix our toilet, since it was leaking into our downstairs neighbors' bathroom. No biggie. But ever after, we've had issues with that toilet.

It went through a phase where the water would randomly run for a few seconds, then stop, and repeat a few minutes later. The hall toilet was doing the same thing. So we got maintenance to come out and fix both toilets. Great.

Then, the master bathroom toilet started doing it again. We reported it, but no one ever came out. This was around the time that Nate was born. I just didn't care enough to pester them, and since I didn't care, Rodgers didn't. I really only cared about having a baby, and when that was done, I only cared about moving around as little as possible. Rodgers looked at the toilet, and realized that this little screwy thing could be screwed in or out or something, and it helped.

That worked for a few months, actually, but then it started acting up again. The day that we got the notice about our lease ending soon, the toilet ran ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously. It just wouldn't quit. I looked in the tank and saw that the floaty thing no longer floated. It was a Sunday. No one's in the office on Sundays, and we can call for emergencies, but I didn't feel it was. (Actually, maybe we got the notice Saturday...but the toilet ran all night Saturday night/Sunday morning.)

Rodgers turned the water supply to the toilet off, but it drips on the floor when you do that, so that wasn't a good solution.

I found some shoe laces. (This is genius.) Our hand towel hook is right above the toilet. So I took the lid off the tank and rigged the shoe laces up to the hook and tied them to the floaty thing so that it would have no choice but to float. The water still ran a bit, like a trickle, but it was much better and not as loud. To use the toilet, we could unloop the shoelace from the towel hook, flush, then reloop it when the tank was full. (Dang! I should have taken a picture to send to "There, I fixed it.")

Monday, Rodgers and I both went to the office and reported it. We had a busy week, and didn't have another chance to go by or call or anything. By Friday, no one had come to fix it. (Fixing things has been slow since we got this new manager, but it's not bad enough that we want to go to the trouble of finding somewhere else to live and move.) Rodgers went into the office Friday morning and said, "Send someone to fix this NOW. Our toilet has been broken for A WEEK!" That was just the motivation they needed.

The guy was at our apartment before Rodgers made it back there from the office. Our toilet is fixed again. For now, at least.

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