Tuesday, July 20, 2010

41 lbs

Our suitcase weighs 41 lbs. We have a 50 lb limit! All I have to add to it is 3 empty bottles and a few of Nate's medicines. It is a marvel.

Months ago (a year+?), I got these lovely packing cubes from Avon. I'm kind of a packing nerd, so I knew I'd use them as soon as I saw them. They're great! You can squish a lot of soft stuff in them, zip them up, and it takes up less space.

The boxes are a gift for Mama Esther. We sent her a Christmas gift, but it was stolen by postal workers. Before we sent it, I asked Rodgers if we should use FedEx, but he said no because it's so expensive. But what a waste to use the postal service when you're 85% sure your stuff will be stolen. Anyway, these are photo mugs, with pictures of us.

That's what's under the big packing cubes. Nothing is under the diapers.

And on top, the travel bed. The lid has some depth to it, so even though it looks too full...

...it closes!

The carryon in progress. It's less than half full, despite how it looks in the picture. There are several things to add to this, but we're still using them in Nate's diaper bag.

Front pocket with passports (in a beautiful passport cover made by my father - big enough for Nate's and mine both), liquids (Mylicon and Tylenol), and some "no jet lag" homeopathic remedy recommended by our good friend Trish.


  1. nice work! you are so much more organized than me!

  2. Packing cubes - what a great idea! I suck at packing. I usually over pack and my suitecase weighs a ton - the hubs does not appreciate this! Way to go Momma!

  3. I've never been real interested in what people put in their suitcase. However, the pics and explanation of each visible item really made my day. You ought to set up a website where you could offer hints for helping people pack. Maybe even do some video of what happens if it is not done right. Could have bottles popping open and getting all over other items. Might even give some credence to the packing cubes. Who knows, maybe their sales would go up so much that you could get a commission. Way to go, Rachel. Oh, and thanks for the mention of the passport cover. Glad to see you're using it.

  4. We love packing cubes! Looks like you've got it all under control :D