Tuesday, July 27, 2010

night before

It's the night before we leave. We are going down to my parents' house tomorrow after work. I'm hoping that after I stop to get myself some dinner and feed Nate, he'll sleep the rest of the trip. Last time we went down there, I had to get in the backseat with him for the last 45 minutes or so because he was DONE. But I can't do that so much when I'm the one driving.

I loaded up the car tonight. I'm kind of worried that I'm forgetting something. I made the lists, adjusted them, packed by them, added a few things, and checked everything off. We would appear to be ready.

I will see you all again when we return from our whirlwind vacation!


  1. Have fun and be safe!!!

  2. hope it is going well!!! HAVE FUN!