Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When I started this blog, I had labels for my posts. Since it was generally a place for me to gather ideas for wedding plans, I used them a lot. I could easily go back and see, for instance, the bridesmaid dress options in various posts. After the wedding, I stopped that. Then, I imported my old blog (justrachet.blogspot.com), which I probably will delete, if I haven't already. I kept two blogs up for a while, but I'm consolidating. And now there are a whoooooole lot more posts here about many, many different things. So, in a burst of organizational energy, I reinstated labels for my posts. And I relabeled all the wedding-related posts to simply "wedding," rather than "dresses," "venue," etc. The labels are all displayed <-- over there. And I'm going to try to keep them up. FYI: Most of the imported posts are labeled "doulos" or "life."

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