Friday, May 14, 2010

the very hungry caterpillar

I've been putting Swahili and Kenya story books on Nate's library wish list (on Amazon). Most are so-called Kenyan folk tales. I don't know for sure if they were really taken from a traditional Kenyan story or not. None of them are stories that Rodgers has told me that he remembers his grandpas telling. But regardless, they are based on Kenyan culture, and I want Nate to have some books like that. There are also some books that have Swahili words in them. We have Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book, and Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book is on the wish list. But I would love for him to have books that are just in Swahili.

I read this morning that The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been translated into 47 languages. I checked it out, and one of the languages listed is Swahili. I can't find it for sale online. But I will be looking!

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  1. Thats awesome! I love that book, I want to get a copy of it in spanish as well. Matt is a spanish teacher so we have a TON of spanish baby books already, but I love the The Very Hungry Caterpillar!