Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 months

Nate had his four month appointment yesterday! Rodgers took him, since he has mornings off, and I had purposely scheduled the appointment for 8 am. :)

Nate is now 15 lbs 9 oz and 25 inches long. That puts him in about the 50th percentile for height and the 60th for weight (the low estimate, other growth percentile charts put him higher than that). Rodgers didn't write down Nate's head circumference, but he thinks it was 44 cm. That would be over the 90th percentile. But, I always knew he had a big head.

Dr. gave us the green light on going to the swimming pool and starting rice cereal. We tried some cereal last night but Nate was ready for bed and totally uninterested. He slurped it off the spoon, but kept trying to lie down. Maybe we'll get up early and try some one morning. We'll try out the pool later.

He started rolling over on his four month birthday, which means he no longer tolerates tummy time. He used to take it for a few minutes, then start screaming until we turned him over. Now, he just immediately rolls over onto his back. It's like his first problem solving exercise. Suddenly he's realized that he can fix something he doesn't like.

Our little roller.

Also, he got his four month vaccines. Reading about a recent measles outbreaks (excerpts from study here) is really eye-opening. Even in a highly vaccinated population (San Diego, where this outbreak happened, has a 95% MMR vaccination rate), one intentionally unvaccinated child can expose so many to preventable disease. They quarantined 73 exposed children for 21 days, and eleven contracted measles. Eight of those were children who were intentionally unvaccinated, and three were too young for the MMR. Nate's too young for the MMR, so right now, he's depending on everyone else being vaccinated. I hope they are...

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  1. What a cutie! And good luck with the cereal - my daughter loved it! It just took some getting use to, but it made for some great pictures!